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Alberta Bound – or – ‘Things To Do On Vacation’ September 9, 2008

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First, an apology is in order. It’s been ages since I blogged! But in my defence, we’ve been out of the province! The whole family (minus the furries) packed up and went to Alberta to visit the family for a week. There are a lot of pics; consider yourself warned!

So, without further ado: ‘Things To Do On Vacation’.

First, always pack carefully. Doing some laundry before you pack ensures that you will have enough clean clothes. Always throw the items you are not interested in over your shoulder.

Inspect all aircraft carefully.

Fly Westjet, because they have a big luggage allowance for all of your paraphernalia AND they have tv screens:

Always give your grandpa a kiss. Grandpas like that kind of thing.

See? Grandpa gets kisses from the puppydogs, too.

Take a little stroll…

… and share a joke.

Always give applause when it’s due:

… and never be afraid to let out a good hearty laugh if your breakfast is amusing.

Always share your cheerios.

Share a story…

… or just lie back and read a good book on your own.

Footwear is key on vacations. It must be comfortable, fit well, and preferably decorated with strawberries.

Don’t be afraid to try new things!
For example, pulling up to standing:

… or climbing up stairs!

You may need a little motivation if you have challenges…

But it’s oh so satisfying when you succeed.

Never be afraid to try a new sport, such as ‘fishing for babies’:

… but never miss the opportunity to relax and share a meal with family.

Don’t be afraid to socialize! Always be friendly, so nice ladies will want to become grandmothers too.
Like, for example, Auntie Linda:

… or Auntie Bonnie:

… or Auntie Brenda:

… or Auntie Lily, who is already a grandma!

Sometimes socializing tires you out, so you just need to kick back and watch some cartoons.

Always pay your respects:

Remember to travel prepared with the world’s cutest bathing suit! You never know when you might want a dip in the hot tub:

And never be afraid to make a splash!

You should also be prepared for inclement weather:

Don’t be afraid to taste new things…

… but neglect not your beauty regime.

Vacations are also a good time to relax and try to solve a puzzle.

Always share the good with your family. This might include…
… your Grandpa…

… your great uncle:

… your great grandma:

… your great aunt:

… and yes, it’s ok to have a favourite aunt.

Don’t let anyone tell you that airplane rides aren’t fun!

And sometimes you just have to pose for a family photo. It isn’t all that fun at the time, but you’re always glad for it later on.

Most of all vacations are about fun, and family, and laughter.


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