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Aili Eats a Pickle September 12, 2008

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One of the mommies at Mommy Group said that her little boy really liked pickles. So the next day, Aili got to try a pickle. I was in stitches.

It seems all innocent, right?

A little sniff. (She smells everything before she eats it, and often rejects food based on the smell. I have to trick her into tasting things, after which she usually changes her mind and will eat them.)

A little nibble.


Who would eat such a thing?????

What IS this, anyway?

This warrants a close examination…

… and perhaps another nibble.

A similar reaction!

It feels funny in your mouth.

But despite all the faces and antics, she actually seemed to quite like it!

Now one thing I hadn’t considered is that Sam, our little friend at Mommy Group who likes pickles so much, has no teeth. So he gums the pickle and may get some juice.
Little Ms. Choppers, however, not only broke the skin with her mouthful of teeth, but actually consumed half of it! (Making the funny faces of disgust all the while…)


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