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Visit with Auntie J September 15, 2008

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We were all sad to see Auntie J leave this morning. She packed up Ms. Gabbycat and flew home to Toronto. We’ll probably see her again at Christmas, but who knows what Aili will be doing by then?

We took Leo for a lovely stroll in the sunshine. We were hoping that he’d be able to go for a swim, but the tide was out so he went stomping through the mud instead.
J is IN LOVE with Leo (and the feeling’s mutual!).

Auntie J is also a spoiler. Aili activated her sweet tooth with her very first taste of ice cream!

It was definitely a success. And a mess.

Ha ha. J is such a spoiler AND so in love with Leo she was able to (mostly) suppress her revulsion and give him a big juicy bone after his bath!

…. AND he got a new hairdo too.

Thanks for the great visit, Auntie J! We can’t wait to see you again soon!


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