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… and then there were ten. September 19, 2008

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Yesterday Aili turned ten months old. Can you believe it?

Then again, I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about silly faces in pictures until she was at least two or three. Sigh.

See those jammies she’s wearing? Obaachan Ayako bought those for her when I was still pregnant and she and I went shopping for strollers. We chose the 12-month size, but it seemed so far away I thought she would never wear them. Plus, they looked enormous. And now she fits into them at 10 months!

So far Aili seems to be right down the middle in terms of development. For example, most babies start crawling between 9-10 months, and Aili started right on schedule, at 9.5 months. She’s been like this for most developmental milestones. Can’t complain about that! Very predictable, which puts a mommy’s heart at ease.

We are going in to get weighed this afternoon (she is, not me, thank you very much) so I’ll keep you posted on that. My prediction? Around 19.5 lbs. Let’s see if I’m right!


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