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Random Shots October 29, 2008

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Ok, first of all, did you know that brussels sprouts grow on long stalks like this?
Neither did I.

Hey Daddy Daddy I wanna come in too!

A pink marshmallow in a slightly too big snowsuit:

All dressed up and ready to go!

Mmmmmmmm ribs.
Actually, she just liked to suck the sauce off the bones. Weird kid.


Sunny Day in Port Moody

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Monday was a gorgeous day! So we met up with Tallan and Sam (and their moms) to hang out at Rocky Point Park.

Laughing at the seagulls flying around the pier.

Who doesn’t love the swings?

Sam loves them….

Big smiles! Why do kids love swings so much?

The mini merry-go-round was substantially less popular…


Pets and Friends Howl-o-ween Wag ‘n’ Walk-a-thon

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This Sunday was the Pets & Friends walkathon. Pets and Friends is a not-for-profit organization I’ve been involved with for the past few years. They sponsor pet visitation in seniors’ homes and long-term care facilities.
The weather was absolutely perfect! Unfortunately it was in the middle of naptime, so Aili and Johnny stayed home, but Leo came along!

Sarah gets into the Halloween spirit.

And Terra was a caterpillar.

I couldn’t find a costume big enough for Leo, but that gigantic tongue (too big for the camera shot) looks like some sort of alien from outer space.

Prizes for costumes!

You can’t say we weren’t prepared for any eventuality….


Maplewood Farms

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We took Aili to visit Maplewood Farms a few months ago, where you saw a great demonstration of her Very.Serious.Face. This time her reaction was very different – she was engaged and interested, and sometimes scared.
I find it peculiar that she has no fear of Leo, who is big and fast-moving, but a cow that is big and standing completely still is scary.

Look! Ducks!

She was really scared of the horse.

What IS that thing?

Eek! Don’t touch me!

Oh, hey, wait, come back here!

This goat was extremely mellow (she fell asleep while I was scratching her ear). Aili seemed to sense that the got was pretty laidback, and she finally got brave enough to touch.

Petunia the Potbellied Pig.

Next year she’ll be able to stomp in the leaves…..

Autumn at the pond.

Look! It’s a bunny!

With my girl.


Stair Climber

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Aili has gotten to be quite the pro at climbing stairs. We decided she needed to learn how to descend too, for her safety. So she’s learned (with remarkable speed) to turn around and go down backwards on her tummy, without any prompting from us.
And when she gets to the bottom she stops to give herself a little applause.


Pumpkin Patch October 23, 2008

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This past weekend we took Aili – as all good parents do – to the pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin. At first we tried to acquaint her with a big pumpkin, which, as you can see, she had some reservations about.

Not quite sure about this whole pumpkin thing.

But when it came time to pick one to take home, she really warmed up to the task.

“How about that one?”

“Or this one?”

“Hey, check out that one over there!”

“The bigger ones are over there…”

“Let me get a closer look that that one right there.”

Hey! This is actually fun!

My little pumpkinhead.


Out and About

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A few things we’ve done lately:

Our family went for pho with our lovely neighbours next door. It seems that Zoey loves pho!

Aili and Daddy had a bath.

And we went to Costco with Nancy and Tallan! Those extra-wide shopping carts have space for two babies. We were asked a number of times if they were twins. I guess they could be – similar in size and age (Tallan is about a pound heavier and a month younger) and they’re both half Asian.

Aili had a blast! It’s way more fun to shop with a friend than just with boring old Mommy.