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Harvest October 3, 2008

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We have had an unexpectedly full harvest from our yard, despite the fact that we’re going on our second year of not doing anything to it. Perhaps gardens really do grow better when neglected? That’s not to say we’re weed-free (it’s possible to be free of weeds???) or that they actually look nice or anything, but we do have quite a lot of produce this fall.

It seems that the rosemary shrub really liked the place where I put it this year (I moved it from a previous location) and it went WILD. I had to slash it back into submission.
Now Johnny will be eating rosemary-roasted potatoes for the rest of the winter.

Tomatoes! I am not even really all that crazy about tomatoes, but they seem to be one of the very few things that are delighted to grow in our yard. So I plant lots of them, and get lots of fruit, and then give it away. For some reason we get fantastic cherry or grape tomatoes, but full-size ones don’t grow so well.

Pepper success! This is the first year I’ve been able to actually have peppers grow. In fact, those poor little plants are still out there valiantly still trying to flower and produce teeny tiny little green peppers.
These ones are pretty nice looking – – until you know that they’re actually supposed to be yellow peppers. I don’t know if they’ll ripen once off the vine, so I keep hoping for just one or two more sunny days.

The apples are coming! The apples are coming!
This year we have an unbelievable crop of apples growing. They’re late, and not quite ready yet (please, just a few more days of sun), but there are SO MANY of them. This year, for the first time ever, there is so much fruit that the branches are weighed down almost to the ground, and we’ll be able to pick without a ladder.
They are lovely for both eating and cooking. Let me know if you want some!


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