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Lately October 3, 2008

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Just a few notes about what Aili’s been up to lately, seeing as how I’ve been so unacceptably delinquent in keeping up my blog. (Note: there are several blog entries below, so keep on scrollin’!)

We came back from Tacoma with two new things:
(1) A cold.
Aili is covered with snot that will not quit. She’s sleeping ok but her appetite is reduced. And fortuntely, she’s in good spirits…. until you try to wipe her face. Then there are a LOT of complaints. I think the skin around her nose is quite raw, and painful to touch, so it’s difficult to give her a good wipedown. She is simultaneously slimy and crusty, if you can imagine that. Or perhaps you don’t want to.
I got the cold for a few days too, but I seem to be past it. Aili is on the mend, but still a snothead. As a result, we have been social pariahs all week, missing mommy group and our normal social circle. I am re-learning that I don’t do well trapped in a house with a snotty-nosed kid.

(2) A sort-of first word.
Does ‘uh-oh’ count as a word? Cuz Sophie was saying ‘uh-oh’ all the time when we were there. She usually associated it with things falling (either by accidental dropping or by being thrown). Aili is sorting out her ‘uh-oh’ – both in how to pronounce it and in its appropriate use. Sometimes it comes out as ‘uh-uh-uh-oh’ or ‘uh-eh’, and sometimes it’s also used when she falls on her bum, when Leo takes his toy from her, or if she tries to do something and makes a mistake.

Also new: signs on cue! She is delighted to wave at you when you say ‘bye-bye’ (no need to do the action yourself) and this morning: clapping when I said ‘YAY!’ Otherwise I continue to sign to her, and she continues to pretend she has no idea what I’m talking about.
I’m starting to get the sense she’s using ma-ma and da-da appropriately (or more accurately, ‘ma-ma-ma-ga-eh-ma-da’ and ‘da-da-ya-eh-ma-da-ah’).

Crawling is improving too. Most recently: pulling up onto something and pushing it along as a walker. Could my baby be walking by Christmas???

The last item has me a bit concerned. I’ve noticed that Aili’s hair seems to be a bit thin on top, and for some reason the long hairs that she had when she were born are mostly gone. When I drove down to Tacoma last week, I was able to watch her dozing off to sleep in the car mirror, and I saw that she would suck her left thumb while PULLING her hair with her right hand! That explains why the right side is so thin, and much shorter than the hair on the left! I’ve also found a few tufts of hair in her crib after a nap.
Apparently it’s a self-soothing thing. Soothing??? Hm. My baby may be soothed, but I am concerned she’s on her way to bald patches! Any suggestions?
(I tried a scratch mitt from when she was a baby, but she took it off instantly.)


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