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Tacoma October 3, 2008

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Last week we went to visit our cousins in Tacoma. As I’ve mentioned before, Jodi is my first cousin, which makes Aili and Sophie second cousins – – or cousins removed, or something like that. So for ease we just call them both ‘cuz’. Sophie is 6 months older, and, well, we have a lot of catching up to do!
Sophie is full of energy and is on the go every minute she’s awake. She started walking early (about the age Aili is now, in fact) and runs everywhere. She’s signing and starting to talk, and is an expert at animal sounds. It’s also remarkable how observant she is. She would notice a monkey or a flower on a logo or on a t-shirt in a store and make the signs for them, and we wouldn’t have even noticed the picture.
Last time we saw them Aili was stuck on her belly. Now she can crawl and stand up, but hopefully by next time we see them she’ll be able to walk along with Sophie. How cute will that be???

Reunited at last!

A kiss for your cuz.

Sophie taking her baby for a walk. Aili is playing the trusty sidekick.

Two nudies in a tub! I always get reminded of how much darker Aili’s colouring is. You forget when she’s all you see every day.

Despite all the smiles, we actually had the worst night we’ve EVER had when we were in Tacoma. Aili is usually such an easy and flexible traveller, but one night she woke up around midnight, and kept me up till after four. I have no idea why, but at least she didn’t repeat the performance!
Back when we were sleep training we had some bad nights, but at least we understood WHY.

“Hi Mommy! Look how sweet and innocent I am! Maybe I’ll let you sleep tonight, maybe not! HA!”

“Look, here are my shades. No, no, you don’t suck on them, you wear them. Let me help you.”

“Hey, how come you’re out there and I’m in here?”
“I don’t know…. I wish I could be in there too…..”

Reading her favourite book.

And then they did a book swap and read each others’ favourite books.

Taking a moment to try to solve that damn puzzle. She is transfixed by straps and buckles. Is that normal?

At least they see eye to eye!

Sophie: bright-eyed and ready for the day.
Aili: groggy and spaced-out.

Sophie decided to help herself, and Aili just looked on.

An introduction: the leash. Oh, wait, it’s not a leash. It’s a new friend who you wear as a backpack. Mommy gets to hold onto the tail.
The new friend, Louis, was very popular until the actual restraining started to happen.

Aili was also very fond of Louis – – not because he was a monkey, but because he has straps and buckles. Weird kid.

Cutie pie.

Jodi demonstrates her prowess as the Baby Whisperer.

Aili meets Pat the Bunny.

Thanks for a great visit, cousins! Can’t wait to see you again soon!


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