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Alexa’s Baby Shower October 9, 2008

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On Sunday I hosted Alexa’s baby shower. I was pretty nervous about it, but her friends have a lot of energy and love her so much it made it super easy after all.

The pics aren’t that good because Alexa had the light behind her.

The Bottle Drinking Contest.

Bottoms Up!
How funny to see a bunch of grown women sucking on baby bottles.


Tara Jean really LIKED sucking on the bottle. She kept going after everyone was done.
Alexa decided to give everyone the full view of the belly.

Baby Scattergories.

Cute onesie: ‘King of the Castle’

Alexa appears to be in disbelief about whatever she read in the card. You have GOT to love her facial expressions. That’s one of the things I love so much about her: she experiences everything so fully.

A cute baby blanket with a teddy bear built in.

Sleep sac and homemade receiving blankets.

“Rock Star”!

A classic. Everyone should have ‘The Cat in the Hat”.

Figuring out that this gift and card had been sent from Andy in far-away Michigan. He secretly conspired to have a gift there for her because he couldn’t attend the shower in person. That’s what you call a great friend!

“ANDY??” Stunned disbelief.

Jacques the Peacock.

‘Bless Me’, a cute bedtime story.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made the event so special for Alexa!


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