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Apple Picking! October 17, 2008

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Last weekend we started the apple harvest. Our friends Kenny and Angie came over to help with the picking, as well as some neighbours and neighbourhood kids. Kenny and Angie only took a small (plastic shopping bag) for themselves, but Bev from up the street was able to take away a tall garbage can FULL!

There are still hundreds of apples still in the tree. They are beautifully red and ripe, and taste really good this year. We have a large bucket full of apples in addition to those that haven’t been picked, so if you’d like some, don’t hesitate to let me know! We’ve got far more than we could ever consume, and I’d hate to see them go to waste.

Obaachan Ayako came over to hang out with Aili while all the picking was going on…

… but even Aili got in on the action!

Lately Aili has been really into ‘sorting’ – taking all the objects out of one container and transferring them to another one. She likes to remove the laundry from the laundry basket and hand it to me, one item at a time, and will carefully take each cheerio out of the bowl and then put it back.
This is all very cute and harmless until you try it with dirt:

Then it gets to be a teensy bit messy.
Next year we’ll have to get her set up with a kiddie gardening set.


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