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My Excuse October 17, 2008

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Ok, this time I have an excuse. Johnny dismantled the computer and it was out of commission. There were wires and computer guts and extra monitors strewn willy-nilly about the loft.

Confession: the computer was only out of commission for a few days. The rest of the delay is completely my fault. 😦
It just seems that I have less time these days. I don’t know why.

Even though nothing much has appeared on the blog, there has been LOTS going on around here! Every day we wonder ‘what new thing is she going to do today?’ – and she never disappoints.

Some recent developments:
– We went for a walk and heard a dog barking in its yard – – and she barked for the rest of the walk.
– She has now learned to open the cupboard under the sink and help herself to the garbage bags. Fortunately she has not yet discovered the garbage itself, but I suspect that will happen any day.
– She has been saying ‘beh-bay’, which sounds sort of like ‘baby’ and I thought was peculiar because that isn’t a word we use very often. I now think that it’s a corrupted version of ‘bye-bye’ because it sometimes comes in conjunction with a wave.
– Speaking of mispronunciations, the other day we were practicing ‘what does a cow say?’ and she actually started mooing. Except that it came out ‘maaaaah’. And then when we got to ‘what does a cat say?’ – – the same sound. In Aili’s world, cats and cows are indistinguishable.
– Similarly, we play with a little stuffed fish. I tell her ‘Look! It’s a fish! What does a fish do?’ and open and close my mouth, much as a fish would. Aili has confused the fish mouth with kissing, so every time I take out the stuffed fish, she leans in to give it a kiss. I think someday she might be very confused when she learns that fish don’t really kiss.
– ‘Uh oh’ is a major part of our vocabulary. It’s often the first thing I hear in the morning, as she throws her ‘friends’ out of the crib onto the floor. She even says it when the cat jumps down onto the floor!
– Just two days ago she started to say ‘hi’. Well, it comes out more like ‘haaaaaaaai’, but it’s close enough! There is no doubt that she is starting to watch me very closely and carefully try to mimic sounds. I feel like we’re coming slowly up to the top of the tallest point of a roller coaster, and about to go over the top and fall down into a rush of language.
– One-sided signing continues. She waves to ‘hi’ and ‘bye-bye’, comes when you gesture for her to ‘come here’, and recognizes several signs relating to food.
– Speaking of food, Aili is on a bit of an eating strike. The only thing we can reliably depend on going down is yogurt. There’s not much I can do but continue to offer and hope against hope that she’s not going to be a finicky eater. Sigh.


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