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Thanksgiving October 17, 2008

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This year, I am thankful for great neighbours. We couldn’t have known how great our neighbours were going to be when we bought the house, and we didn’t really appreciate how much they can affect and improve your life at home. We’ve had a number of people remark on how great our street and neighbours are – kids playing in the street, lots of stay at home moms, and everyone helps each other out.

This year we had two sets of of neighbours over for dinner. Pat and Cathy came with their little girls Annabelle (3) and Zoey (9.5 months), and the family across the street joined us too. Yan and Jean brought Mona (6?) and Terry (4) to their first Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. Jean tried to cook a turkey a few years ago but apparently it didn’t turn out that well, and she was really interested in learning how to cook it.

It was so lovely to sit around our dining room table with three different families and share a meal. And it was even more lovely to see the kids all go upstairs to play together afterwards, and the grownups sat around the table and had a grownup conversation. Hooray!

Mona reads a story.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, neighbours!


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