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Gigantic Playdate October 23, 2008

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Last Friday we hosted the biggest playdate yet! I think it’s because it was a cold and rainy day; no one wanted to be trapped at home. I think there were about a dozen babies and moms that dropped by. What fun!
We also did a toy swap – mommies brought things that were duplicates or that their kids didn’t seem to enjoy. Everyone was able to take things home that they liked, and any extra toys were donated to charity.

Babies, babies everywhere:

We have had that ring toy in our house for weeks, and Aili was never interested in the slightest. But as soon as Rhys wants to play with it, guess what? It’s fascinating!

Who needs a fancy toy when you can have a cardboard box?

Everyone loved the play table, but especially Brayden. So it went home with him.

Leo should probably be glad he was on the other side of the baby gate. But the kids were sure excited to see him!


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