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Maplewood Farms October 29, 2008

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We took Aili to visit Maplewood Farms a few months ago, where you saw a great demonstration of her Very.Serious.Face. This time her reaction was very different – she was engaged and interested, and sometimes scared.
I find it peculiar that she has no fear of Leo, who is big and fast-moving, but a cow that is big and standing completely still is scary.

Look! Ducks!

She was really scared of the horse.

What IS that thing?

Eek! Don’t touch me!

Oh, hey, wait, come back here!

This goat was extremely mellow (she fell asleep while I was scratching her ear). Aili seemed to sense that the got was pretty laidback, and she finally got brave enough to touch.

Petunia the Potbellied Pig.

Next year she’ll be able to stomp in the leaves…..

Autumn at the pond.

Look! It’s a bunny!

With my girl.


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