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Pumping Carving November 4, 2008

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Aili’s favourite recent pasttime is taking things out of containers and putting them into other containers. We thought this was a perfect opportunity to get her to help out around the house: crack open the pumpkin, give her a bowl, and she’d take all the innards out for us.
What it ended up being was … you guessed it: a gigantic mess!

So what are you scooping out of there, Mommy?

Let me get a better look at this……

Let me give it a whirl!

Mommy’s clever helper:

Getting progressively dirtier:

It didn’t help when Mommy figured out that pumpin seeds stick to a baby when tossed…

Mommy, pumpkins are FUN!

Aili was not around for the carving part. For some reason this year I chose a design that did not have a single straight edge, which probably wasn’t the best decision for someone who has the limited patience that I do. But it actually turned out ok, don’t you think?


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