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‘Growing Oshika Gang’, Indeed November 28, 2008

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Well, it’s been a rough time lately. About two months ago Johnny and I learned that we are once again expecting. While it was a planned pregnancy, I’ve been struggling with morning sickness and haven’t been feeling very excited or emotionally invested this time around. This past weekend, however, we had a bit of a miscarriage scare involving unexpected quantities of blood, and all of a sudden I realized I cared very much about this new and tiny member of our family. After blood tests and an ultrasound today, we have been reassured that Junior seems safe and sound, and everything appears perfectly normal. Two arms, two legs, all the expected organs, lots of action, and a strong beating heartrate of 170. We can now breathe a sigh of relief, and look forward to the exciting changes to our family.

This pregnancy has been somewhat different than the last. Still with the nausea and resulting misery, but last time I was able to take sick leave so I could moan, puke, and pity myself in peace. But in the past year I’ve learned that there is no sick leave or vacation time for mommies, so with help from my dear mother-in-law Ayako we’ve managed to keep Aili happy and entertained. While I do feel like the overwhelming nausea is beginning to ease, by this time in the last pregnancy I had noticed a substantial improvement and was feeling more like myself. Hopefully the next week or two will bring a similar relief.

Other changes I’ve noticed have been in my food cravings and aversions. Last time I couldn’t get enough chicken fingers or caesar salad. This time they leave me cold, although I do long for salty and crunchy, and have been known to raid the pickle jar or even snack from croutons right out of the box. Once again I feel repulsed by fish and spinach, and can’t drink enough milk, but neither those aversions or desires are quite as strong as last time. When I was pregnant with Aili I had to avoid entire rows of the grocery store for fear that I’d throw up right in the aisle, but I haven’t had such a strong reaction that time.

So that’s our news. I hope it explains a bit why I’ve been distant and uncommunicative with my friends, delinquent in blogging, and appear kind of green in person.

The next O will join us in early to mid June 2009!
(And before you ask, it’s too soon to tell gender. We’ll have to wait till January for that.)


5 Responses to “‘Growing Oshika Gang’, Indeed”

  1. Stephenie Says:

    So so happy for you Angie! I am just overjoyed, and I can only imagine how “luxurious” and slightly self-centred our first preganancy will feel! A small part of me is sad that I won’t be able to share this journey with you (remember we used to email about four times a day! 🙂 I miss those days.)One lucky chickpea in there.Steph

  2. Sus Says:

    I had a HUGE feeling you were pregnant again! I’m so excited for you two! (well, three… or four!)Funny how pregnancies differ in symptoms! Hoping your morning sickness leaves quickly this time, I remember how icky it is, and couldn’t imagine having a toddler to look after!Congrats again!

  3. Lise-Anne Says:

    Congratulations Angie!

  4. toshiko Says:

    I am happy that you were pregnant again,Angie.Congratulations!

  5. Les Popoviches Says:

    Ha! Congratulations to both of you! Wow, little adorable Aili will have a new bro or sis to grow up with… and get into trouble with as well.We are so happy for all of you! YAY! YAY! YAY!It’s super cold here, but we are keeping each other warm.All the best,Jessica, Adrian, James W. and Boubou (the cat)

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