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Long Overdue Update December 18, 2008

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Hello everyone. I’m sorry I’ve been so negligent about blogging recently. My New Year’s Resolution is to be a more frequent – and eloquent – blogger. I promise to try to offer more words, and not just photos-only postings.

First of all, thank you for all your concern about how I’ve been feeling. I’ve received a number of calls and emails from people who were worried, which sure makes a girl feel loved. I’m really grateful for all your concern, and for your many offers of help. Fortunately, I’ve moved past the awful first trimester, and am now feeling great! I have lots of energy and the nausea has completely passed. When you’re feeling good it is so much easier to look towards the future with enthusiasm. This pregnancy seems to be flying by so much more quickly than the first one did – and anyone who has seen me recently can verify that my belly is growing more quickly too!

Johnny’s doing well, working hard and looking forward to a Christmas break. He’s still struggling with his wrist injury, but that doesn’t stop him from being totally wrapped around Aili’s little finger. Despite that, Aili is a mama’s girl, and seems happiest when perched on my hip. Sometimes I have a vision of her like a spider monkey baby, holding on with all her arms and legs and a metaphorical prehensile tail.

I guess she’s now 13 months, and officially a ‘toddler’, but I can’t help still seeing her as just a baby. I am starting to have a sneaking suspicion that she will always be a baby to me. I am, however, learning a lot from her. My wonder in waking up to a snowy world is renewed; I am seeing details of flowers and puppydogs and fish in my travels that I would have previously looked over without a second thought; we stop to admire the birds flying overhead; I am relearning how physics shapes my life (read: gravity). This is yet another gift of parenting; first we learn lessons about the world ourselves, and then just when we think we know them, we get to re-acquire them with a new appreciation.

I feel like I’ve been privileged to watch the evolution of homo sapiens condensed into one short year: she started out as an amoebic blob, unable to move. Once she could roll, she began dragging herself along on her belly, like the first fish to creep out of the sea. Next it was moving on all fours, allowing for greater visibility and covering even more ground. And slowly, the change to homo erectus – up on two tremulous feet and facing the world with free hands to explore and discover. And the exploration and discovery is ongoing; every moment she’s awake.

Hey, it’s Daddy!

(I don’t think she’d ever seen the shower in operation before; she was quite intrigued.)

The trouble with ramen…. it never quite fits in your mouth.

Future reader? Here’s hoping!

Absolutely without any doubt, Aili’s favourite food is strawberries. I would never guess that someone so small could pack so many of them in there!

Ayako gave us these singing snowmen. Push the button, and they sing ‘Jingle Bells’, dance, and their little noses light up. Aili LOVES them, and I am more tired of hearing that song that I would have ever believed possible.


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