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PixPost January 8, 2009

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As promised in my last posting, here are a bunch of photos from the last weeks of 2008, and the first days of 2009.

Why shop for Christmas presents when you can just put one of these in a bag and have the best gift ever??

The computer nerds: present and future.
Oh, how I love those two.

Little Ms. Busy. How much can a one-year-old get into in 5 minutes or less? You’d be surprised.
It might include:

– Reading a book. Sideways.

– Stealing Christmas ornaments from the tree.

– A little keyboarding practice.

– Covering a lot of ground.

– Un-filing some paperwork.

– Turning over a stool to use it as a ‘boat’.

…. And then she’s off, to find more mischief.

Leo looks concerned. Frankly, I can’t blame him.

Just hanging out with Mommy all the time is pretty dull, as you can see, so Grandpa came over to save the day. First up on deck: peekaboo!

And then a little lesson in how to hide your eyes….

Aili might not have figured out how to cover her own eyes with her hands yet (usually she uses the bathtowel or some laundry), but she DOES know how to operate the walker. Personally I think she faked ignorance, just to see him do this:

But finally she caved, and they toddled around together.

Of course, as with the rest of Vancouver, we were overwhelmed by near record-breaking snow. I think by the time it was all done, it was easily 4 feet sitting on our lawn, and the shoveled piles around our driveway are taller than me!
Our tough blue car got through it just fine (thank Goodness for AWD); unlike last year the furnace didn’t go on strike; Dad volunteered to shovel the entire time he was here; and all in all, it was magical and lovely.

A fluffly little marshmallow, all ready to go and play in the snow!

Hesitant. Not quite sure what Mommy’s so delighted about.

This is BEFORE we actually put her in contact with the snow. The pictures from after her first official snow experience are not quite so cute, and involve tears and volume.

The Freedman gals.

Dad knows how to warm up after shovelling the walk!

A few Christmas gifts.

Annabelle helped Aili open her gifts from Auntie J.

On New Year’s Day Johnny took Aili, along with the neighbours, for her first sledding adventure.

Seems that Aili is an indoor kinda gal. Just like her mommy.


2 Responses to “PixPost”

  1. Angela Says:

    Wow, she looks like a little girl now. She’s so beautiful. I hope the pregnancy is going well– congratulations!btw, what kind of baby backpack do you guys own? We need to get one and I’m overwhelmed by the choices. William is only 5 months old but already weighs 21 lbs. The baby bjorn isn’t cutting it anymore. Angela (from chicago)

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