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Happy Valentine’s Day, Johnny February 17, 2009

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Normally Valentine’s Day doesn’t get a lot of attention around here. I think the last couple years we might have gotten each other cards, but we’ve never made a big deal out gifts or chocolate or dinner out. Our very first Valentine’s Day Johnny got me a shoehorn, which sounds funny and was more romantic than it seemed, if only you know the story.
So this year we woke up, said something along the lines of “I didn’t get you a card.” “Good, I didn’t get you one either.” and that was the end of it….
Until we went to the Cove Bike Shop in North Vancouver.

Johnny has been talking about getting a new commuter bike for some time. (Ironic considering he hasn’t ridden any bike at all for 6 months.) Truth be told, he does need a new bike, and I’ve been encouraging him to bite the bullet for, well, years. I’m quite concerned that someday his old bike will just simply crumble underneath him and toss him under the wheels of some frustrated commuter, and he’s acknowledged that the old bike isn’t very safe anymore.
So when this good deal showed up, we went to check it out.

I did have to march him across the street for chili at Tim Horton’s to convince him that it was worth it. But in the end he caved, and allowed me to buy him this sharp looking red and silver commuter bike with disc brakes as a Valentine’s Day present. (I say I bought it, but really I just used my credit card. It all ends up in the same place.)
I think I deserve points for the ‘Best Wife of the Year’ award.

On the way. What amuses her so much, you ask? A hair.
Weird kid.

Investigation. A man and his hot pink shadow.

Someday, honey, someday. (In Daddy’s fondest dreams….)

Saying ‘Bye Bye!’. (Wishful thinking.)
The decision process took a little longer than either of us had hoped.

Proud new owner of a sharp new $1100 commuting bike!

Getting ready to take it away….

Happy man, admiring his new toy.

Disc brakes = safer.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!


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