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Skinny Minnie February 17, 2009

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Last month was an exciting weigh-in, because Aili finally broke the 20-pound barrier. At 14 months she weighed in at 20lbs, 15.5 oz, which is about the 29th percentile for weight. Not huge, but not tiny; well within the bell curve.

In the last month we’ve been thinking that she’s been getting awfully heavy. We turned her car seat around to forward facing, and were taking bets on how much she’d weigh. 23 lbs? 24?

And yesterday, at her 15-month weigh-in:

20lbs, 13.5 oz.

DOWN 2 oz, to about the 22nd percentile. sigh.
She’s still well within the bell curve, but this means that she’s not getting heavier: I’m getting weaker.

I guess this is the result of all that walking, in combination with a week of eating strike while in Mexico. The fat rolls on her arms are melting away….


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