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Tacoma Bound February 28, 2009

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Last week Aili and I took a little trip to Tacoma to visit our cousins. It had been a long time since we saw them, and the first visit when both Aili and Sophie are walking! It was so much fun to see them interacting. You could not find two more opposite children, in appearance and temperament.

Morning: jamface.

“You’ve GOT to try this! My nana’s raspberry jam is the BEST.”


“Hey, this IS pretty good stuff!”
(She now tries to eat only the TOP of toast to get the jam off, and leaves the bread part. Sigh.)

“Here, now you should try frozen blueberries.”
(Not a success.)

“Whatcha reading?”

Sharing. Awwww…

Serious face while thinking.

And THIS is what it would be like to have twins….

I feel quite certain that if we’d stayed there even an hour longer, Aili would have adopted Jodi as her new mama.

Tacoma has a lovely little zoo, and Jodi’s family has an annual membership!
Unfortunately, I have managed to produce the world’s most timid child, and she was afraid of anything larger than a housecat.
Like, for example, a beluga:

And an otter:

And the merry-go-round:
(We in fact did go on the merry-go-round, and sat on a bench instead of on a horse that went up-and-down. Alas, Aili’s shrieking was so loud the nice merry-go-round lady had to stop the ride to let us off.)

“After all that ridiculous crying and whining you’ve got to be dehydrated. Here, have some water.”

Two little brains working together.

Usually when we give her a plate of her own it very quickly ends up on the floor, usually upside down. But when inspired by an older and wiser cousin, all of a sudden: eating like a big girl!

Watching the sun set together…

… on tippy toes.

Baby talk about what they’ve just seen?

Sophie has the most remarkable repertoire of animal signs and sounds I’ve ever seen. This includes all the grown-ups I’ve ever known. Here is ‘alligator’:

Uncle Jim sings all sorts of fun songs that have matching actions while Sophie’s taking her bath. Look at that smile!

Aili, on the other hand, doesn’t know any songs with actions. Or at least you’d think she’d never heard of such a thing by this expression:

Kissing cousins in the bath.

What IS that spot on your chest? (Jodi says that it’s her on/off switch, and that Sophie wasn’t born with one so she’s always ‘on’.)

Off to Target! Kid’s got the right idea: Mommy’s wallet is out and ready to go.

Exchanging lip gloss. (Do all mommies dig through their bag to find things to entertain their kids, and does it always end up being lip gloss?)

Well, seeing as how it WAS a special occasion, and it WAS Seattle (or nearby), we had to introduce Aili to Starbucks. This is a kiddie-size ‘steamer’, which is just steamed milk (at a cooler, kid-friendly temperature). There *may* have been some vanilla flavouring in there, but I didn’t order it so I don’t remember.

“Hey, this stuff is goooood…”

Loving their lattes.

Coffee chat.

At the park.

And yes, afraid of the swing. Bizarre, considering last summer she LOVED the swing!

Aili started walking at Christmastime, when the ground was covered with snow. (Indeed, our front yard still has snow!) So this is her second time walking on grass (first time was in Mexico). Yes, she was scared of it. There was whining and howling involved. *eyeroll*

Driving the car buggy at Fred Meyers! Wheee!

“Hey, let me try!”

“No, you’re too chicken of everything. I can drive waaay faster than you. See?”

This is our second attempt at the zoo, where we avoided all large animals and fun rides.
Aili was quite fond of the meercats.

We stopped at the world’s best soup place, Infinite Soups. I’m telling you, if you’re anywhere in Washington State, it is worth the drive to go to this place. Don’t expect to eat in, or even anything fancy, but the soup will bring you to your knees. Trust me on this one.
We also stopped by a lovely bakery and brought home an orange dreamsicle cupcake for the girls to share:

“See, cuz? It’s delicious! You should try!”

“Hey, this IS pretty good! Waaay better than that boring applesauce and organic yogurt Mommy always feeds me.”

Please note: this is something that rarely happens. Not only is she terribly timid, but she’s a very picky eater. I have no idea where she got these attributes, because neither Johnny nor I are either timid or finicky. But let me tell you, that orange dreamsicle cupcake went down in 10 seconds flat. (Except for the icing, weirdly.)


Introduced to a new toy: the toddler-size stroller. Once Sophie showed her how to use it, she walked laps around the house. We have one at home that didn’t interest her before, but since we’ve been back from Tacoma, it’s a favourite.

“Ok, lady. Hand over the camera.”
Sophie loved taking pictures, and looking at pictures. As soon as I took out my camera she’d be right there, wanting to see what I’d been shooting recently.

Watching the Oscars with Auntie Jodi. Chinese food, critiquing the dresses, and getting tickled. Does life get any better?

Auntie Jodi: Mommy Extraordinaire. She can mollify a cranky toddler AND dust at the same time. I have some things to learn from that lady.

Trying out Sophie’s absolute favourite toy: her John Deere tractor.
(Jodi and I ARE from Alberta, after all… it’s in our blood.)

My little girl is not so little anymore.

Bye bye hug from Sophie.

Thanks for a great visit, cousins! Can’t wait to see you again soon!


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  1. Angela Says:

    lol, Aili reminds me SO much of Isabella as a child. Izzy was terrified of everything. She’ll be 5 in a month and we now describe her as “cautious”. I think it makes for an easy child though– we never worried too much about her sticking her finger in sockets and eating gross things off the floor. Her 7 month old brother is a different story. I wonder if you will have a similar experience with the junior Oshika!

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