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Reflections on A Second Pregnancy March 29, 2009

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I remember my pregnancy with Aili as a happy, easy time. We were so excited, and everything was novel and new. I felt peppy and energetic, and any inconveniences related to being pregnant seemed minor and manageable. Every week I would look up details about how big she was in there, how she was developing in there, and what household object I could compare her to.

This time, however, the novelty isn’t there. I have to stop and think to remember how far along I am, and it seems like the weeks creep by. My energy level is lower, and I find myself struggling with sleep at night, so I have to nap every afternoon. I’m bothered by many commonly-experienced pregnancy related inconveniences simultaneously: heartburn, headaches, backache, round ligament pain, congestion, and insomnia come to mind, although I’m sure I could come up with more if I really thought about it. Oh, there, see? You can add mommy-brain absentmindedness to the list.

This baby is also far more active than Aili was, which is simultaneously endearing and uncomfortable. I’ve got a few more weeks before he gets too big to really wind up and give strong kicks, so in the meantime we lie awake at night together and I watch the minutes on my alarm clock tick by and listen to the snoring competition between my husband and my dog as the kid kicks along in time.

I’m bigger this time, as everyone I know has commented, which makes it even more challenging to reach the ground. Not to mention that the whole situation is compounded by chasing around a toddler whose primary expertise is strewing small objects all over the floor before moving on to ‘dis’-organizing the next room.

And as for the nursery, you ask? Well, I have all sorts of good intentions. The window has been replaced, the bed has been sold, and the built-in unit is gone. Now it’s filled with random boxes of stuff; some for the baby, some of which have to find a new home (either here or someone else’s home). A rug has been purchased, paint swatches litter the floor (disorganized by Little Ms. Guess Who, of course), and I have every confidence that someday one of those craigslist ‘Crib For Sale’ postings will jump out at me.

All this whining is no fun, I know. So I’ll stop now. But my last comment will be this: I’m quite confident that I don’t want to do this again! Two is a great number. A son and a daughter. I’ll be glad to be done with pregnancy, and you’ll be glad to know that I’m done with all the sorry complaining.
And with that, off to bed.



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Aili and I keep busy; we try to get out of the house every morning. We might run errands, meet up with friends, visit Baba at her place, or meet up with Mommy Group. In fact, a little while ago we hosted a playdate. There must have been 10 mommies and kiddos up in our little loft!

Aili sleeps for quite a long while each afternoon, which works well for me, because I need a daily nap too!

As with most other toddlers her age, Aili loves to mimic and copy everything we do. Here’s a great example: one of her latest favourite toys. A toddler-size stroller! She is becoming quite the pro at navigating it around our little house.

‘Katie the Kitty’ is well travelled.
Thanks Auntie Nadine and Uncle Barry for this great gift!


The Artiste

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Another new thing we tried recently: crayons.
I’ve heard that crayons might be a bit iffy with younger toddlers, because you never know if they’re going to get eaten. Aili is quite interested in pens if she finds them around the house, so when it came time to send a birthday card to my dad, I figured I’d give the crayons a whirl.
Result: enormous success!

A young Picasso planning the next stage of her masterpiece:

(Note: crayons are now made in triangular shapes so they don’t roll off the table or under the sofa! How clever.)

While half of the fun in playing with crayons was taking them out of the box and putting them back in, they never once went near her mouth. Sigh of relief from Mommy.


New Hairdo

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As Aili’s hair grows we’re starting to be able to do more with her little ‘do. I’m still undecided about whether or not to cut her bangs, which spend most of their time covering her eyes.
Today, however, we tried out something new: pigtails!

Surveying the neighbourhood:

My little girl isn’t so little anymore!


The Architect

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Maybe she’ll grow up and be an architect, maybe she won’t.
But my advice would be: don’t commit to living in a house that Aili built until AFTER she’s been to architecture school.


A Visit from Charlie

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Last week Charlie brought his mommy Alexa by for a little visit. Unbelievably, he’s already four months old!
Not only did we get to catch up, but the blondies from next door stopped by for a little visit.
Annabelle loved holding Charlie:

And we just HAD to get a group shot!
Annabelle (3 1/2), Aili (16 mos), Zoey (14.5 mos), Charlie (4 mos).

It will be so fun to watch them grow up together!

(And in case you’re wondering, yes, with that many blondies and blue eyes, there was some red-eye correction required for these photos.)


Big Talker March 19, 2009

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Aili’s First Sentence!

A couple weeks ago I was getting dressed and Little Ms. Muffin toddled into the room. I put her up on the bed where the cat was having a nap. Aili looooves the cat, and delightedly crawled right over to her, gave her a kiss, and said, “Hi, Kitty!”
Now, I know this isn’t a terribly complex sentence, but if you think about it, it does have certain implications about her relationship with language. First, she knows what each of these words mean and can say them each clearly enough to be understood. She’s able to string them together in a way that makes sense to a speaker of English. She spontaneously said it without being prompted by me, or without my assembling a similar sentence immediately before it. And she knows the appropriate time to use the greeting.
If you think about the steps of going from aphasic to full verbal communication, this is actually fairly substantial!

Little Ms. Polite

This morning Aili told me (through signs) that she wanted something. I offered her cereal – “no”; toast – “no”; banana – “no”; apple – “no”; milk – “no” (in case you hadn’t noticed, ‘no’ is one of her favourite words these days); juice – nod. Hooray! She wants juice!
I poured her some juice, put the sippy cup on her tray – and she said, COMPLETELY UNPROMPTED BY ME – “Thank you”. Complete with the corresponding sign! (Actually it came out something closer to “Tak ye”, but was perfectly understandable all the same.)

She also signs ‘please’ when she wants something, and knows that she’s supposed to cough into her hand. That being said, she sprays when she sneezes and thinks it’s hilarious when she farts. Ya win some, ya lose some, I guess….