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Playtime March 17, 2009

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We still love to go out and spend time with our Mommy Group, which meets up every Friday morning. It is so much fun to watch all these kids as they grow. We’ve known them since everyone was about 3 months old.
We tend to alternate: one week we’ll have a playdate at someone’s house, the next week we’ll go out to a toddler-friendly environment. These pictures are from BabyEats, a great cafe and playcentre in North Van. That’s actually not as inconvenient as it sounds, as it’s a pretty easy trip off of the Hwy, and we have the luxury of avoiding rush hour traffic.

Mommies get to chat as the babes run off to play!

Part of the play area. They have wood, environmentally friendly toys and all locally grown organic food. If you’re into that sort of thing. I don’t know if it’s the design or what, but Aili LOVES it there. My normally timid child doesn’t even hesitate, and she doesn’t look back!

Future chef?

Climbing through the tunnel.


She loves the chairs that are just the right size.

Trying to be a pair of shoes?

Considering the menu with Sabrina.

Laura and Logan.

Jacquie and Sophie.

Josephine and Alex.

Sabrina and Rhys. I sure hope he enjoyed that mac ‘n’ cheese that Aili picked for him…


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