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Busy March 29, 2009

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Aili and I keep busy; we try to get out of the house every morning. We might run errands, meet up with friends, visit Baba at her place, or meet up with Mommy Group. In fact, a little while ago we hosted a playdate. There must have been 10 mommies and kiddos up in our little loft!

Aili sleeps for quite a long while each afternoon, which works well for me, because I need a daily nap too!

As with most other toddlers her age, Aili loves to mimic and copy everything we do. Here’s a great example: one of her latest favourite toys. A toddler-size stroller! She is becoming quite the pro at navigating it around our little house.

‘Katie the Kitty’ is well travelled.
Thanks Auntie Nadine and Uncle Barry for this great gift!


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