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Around the House April 12, 2009

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Every day is more fun with our little girl. With each stage she goes through, I think ‘She’s so much fun! This must be as good as it gets!’ … and then she starts to do something new, and I think ‘That last stage was nothing. THIS must be as good as it gets!’ – – and she just gets more interactive and clever and marvelous with every passing day.
She’s becoming faster at responding, more dexterous with her hands and body, more active and energetic, more adventurous, and more verbal. She mimics everything we do and tries to copy our words, even though they most often come out wrong. Most recently: ‘Leoleoleo’, ‘Peez’, ‘Tak ye’, and a new fascination with ‘Dadee dadee dadee’. Oh and don’t forget ‘NO’ and ‘Ya’, which remarkably, she actually uses correctly in application.
She’s also getting to be quite helpful in putting stuff back when asked, such as putting her shoes back in the basket or putting things in the garbage. Which is really great, because it’s getting very difficult for me to reach the floor!

Latest favourite toy – – – the toddler size stroller:

Windblown from the vent:

Spraying yourself in the face with water is hilarious:

Checking her email:

Checking out the neighbourhood. Favourite things to see out the window: garbage truck, birds, airplanes.


Double-fisting the popsicles:

Let’s get serious here: if we’re going to enjoy our popsicle, we might as well strip down and dig in. Who cares if you end up covered with sticky green goo?!?


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