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Maplewood Farm Again April 12, 2009

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We like to visit Maplewood Farms because it’s just the right size; not too big, not too small. Aili continues to be afraid of the horses and cows, but is warming up to ducks, chickens, goats (if they don’t move), and rabbits. It’s nice that all the animals have lots of room to walk around as they like, and kids can go right up to them, assuming they’re brave enough.

Maplewood Farms is fun!

Watching the ducks:

Is she brave enough? Will she finally reach out and touch the goat?

Success! (I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t actually been there…)

Looking a bit concerned…

Aili’s favourite part was, without question, the ‘Rabbitat’. After some convincing, she became brave enough to actually reach out and touch the rabbits!

Then another little girl have her half a carrot to feed to the bunnies, and she spent the next half hour trying to get them to try a bite. HA! Now she knows how I feel when I try to get her to eat her vegetables!


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