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Springtime Adventures April 12, 2009

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Who doesn’t love the first warm days of spring?

(Oh, and that’s another part of being a toddler: getting yourself dirty. I have to buy stain remover in bulk at Costco!)

Future best friends: they’re starting to ‘get it’.
Throwing the kong for Leo:

We got this silly little toddler structure recently. It’s not much of a slide, but slides are her favourite, and any one will do!

Discovering rocks:

The latest favourite toy: the tricycle. This one is for little toddlers who can’t figure out how to pedal: it has a foot rest for her, and a handle for me!

She LOOOOOVES her tricycle, and we actually risk temper tantrums when it’s time to go inside.

Oh, yes, and of course she likes to be just like Mommy and push it along too. She has terrible steering.

“C’mon Leoleoleo!”

“Hey, C’MON! Let’s GO!”

And off they went….


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