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Morning Antics April 15, 2009

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Aili seems to love being in her crib. She wakes up in the morning or after her nap, and when I go in to fetch her she rolls around, hands me her friends, or wants to be tickled or read a story. She snuggles into her mattress and rolls around, happy as a clam. When I ask “Are you ready to get up yet?” she almost always says “NO!”.

This morning I went in to discover her latest amusement: stripping.

Monkey girl. This is actually a facial expression that I sometimes catch Johnny doing. (And his dad, too, for that matter.)

That is one happy kid!
This is also a good shot of the gap where we’re waiting on her two last teeth (until 3 year molars kick in). The bottom right one has actually cut through, but the left shows no sign of showing up anytime soon. Sigh…. more drool to come.
And yes, those are actually tan lines in her fat folds.

As most toddlers do, Aili has certain things that she uses for self-soothing. One of her favourites is her sleep sacs. Just offer her one of those grubby fleece things; she’ll grab it (preferably by the sleeve) and hold it up to her face with her right hand and in goes the left thumb.
(I sucked my left thumb exactly the same way until I was about 6 or 7!)


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