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Popo’s Ponchos! April 15, 2009

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We received this cute little poncho as a baby gift from our friends Paul and Emily. It was a long time ago, and since it is size 2 I didn’t think it would fit until the fall. But when I pulled it out the other day, it was a perfect fit!

Now, I’m not normally the biggest fan of ponchos and wouldn’t necessarily pick one out for myself. But when you’re one you can get away with things that grown ups can’t (like water-spout ponytails on top of your head, expelling gas loudly in public, and eating crayons) – – and ponchos seem to fall into that category. Not only that, but they make sense, because any parent of an enthusiastic toddler will agree: getting their wild arms through those tiny arm holes can be a battle, as can keeping to keep them zipped up. (Aili has a current fascination with zippers, and loves to undo them.) A poncho, however, pops over the head and voila! they’re in before they know it. Plus, Popo’s Ponchos have snaps so you can create a bit of a sleeve if you choose, a cute front pocket, and a hood (if you can get your feisty toddler to wear a hood. I can’t.)

Popo’s Ponchos are actually the brainwave of a local mom who is a friend of Paul and Emily’s. We’re converts and encourage you to check them out! They can be bought online or at various childrens’ stores around town.


One Response to “Popo’s Ponchos!”

  1. jimmy, jodi & sophie Says:

    I howled with laughter about the “water-spout ponytails and expelling gas in public”…our daughters are SO related!

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