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Today April 17, 2009

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Today we went for our 17-month weigh-in. And the results are……….

Last month: 21 lbs, 5 oz. (22nd percentile for weight)
This month: 21 lbs, 13 oz. (once again, 22nd percentile for weight. At least she’s consistent!)

While she hasn’t broken the 22-lb barrier yet, she HAS gained 8 oz, or half a pound, in the last month. I honestly have no idea how that child gains any weight at all, considering many of her meals consist of only a tablespoon or so, despite our best efforts to get her to eat.
But her weight gain is consistent, and she’s well within the bell curve of normal, and she’s got an Asian parent so it’s no huge surprise that she’s thin. So, upward and onward.

Who’s that in the stroller, you ask? Why, it’s Daddy’s [clean] underwear, of course! Note that she did that the time to strap it in, for safety’s sake.
A lesson to Mommy to put the clean laundry away immediately after folding it….

An after-dinner story.
Aili finds the chicken (“bokbokbok”)………

….. and Katie the Kitty finds the pig.

One last thing from today: We went to the lovely playground at Rocky Point Park to enjoy the sun and watch the seagulls. We didn’t actually get all the way down to the water, because between the playground and the pier there was … a digger. (In a few years I am confident I will have more technical words for construction equipment, thanks to Mr. Junior.) Ms. Muffin was absolutely terrified by the digger, even though we didn’t get within a few hundred feet of it. (*insert eyeroll here*)

But as she’s been doing more and more frequently lately, she was very interested in learning the word for it. Her pronunciation is still a bit, well, sketchy, but there’s no doubt that she’s gathering new vocabulary. Other new words today: ‘dirt’, ‘purple’, ‘seagull’, and ‘green’.
And yesterday, she finally figured out how to pronounce ‘zipper’. Finally. She’s been working on that one for a while.

18-month “language explosion”, here we come!!


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