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What I Woke Up To Yesterday May 5, 2009

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Yesterday Aili slept in late… or so I thought. Finally I went to peek in on her after 9am, only to find that she’d been busy for quite some time.
THIS is what I found:

(Photoshopped for modesty, for obvious reasons.)

Yup, that is 100% completely and entirely NAKED. Oh, I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was the best way ever to start a Monday.
She’s been really into zippers lately, but never before has she figured out how to: (1) unzip her sleep sac completely; (2) undo all the buttons on her sleeper; (3) get her arms out of sleeves – not to mention two sets of sleeves! and (4) undo and remove her diaper.

Doesn’t she look proud of herself?


Coming of Spring May 4, 2009

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Some pics from recently. I don’t take as many as I used to, and she’s harder to capture these days because she’s always on the move!!

We are absolutely taking off in the language department. Aili needs to be shown a new sign only once and remembers it weeks later, and makes a sincere effort to mimic new words that she hears. It’s sometimes tricky to grasp her pronunciation, but that’s slowly imprving too. Especially if you know what you’re listening for. She’s also starting to pick out and mimic words she overhears in our conversations, and can answer most yes-no questions accurately.

I have no recollection of where this was taken. And whose pant leg is that? Not mine……
But Aili was quite interested in helping the baby enjoy her bottle.

A new vacuum cleaner after our old one conked out. Thank you, AirMiles!
Some minor assembly was required, which of course required one mechanical engineer and one toddler.
Beware a toddler armed with a screwdriver.

Mommy Group went for an excursion to the Aquarium. It was our second visit in a month! Unfortunately it was REALLY busy, and I’m struggling with walking these days.
As usual, Aili was terrified of anything bigger than a housecat, but after some time she warmed up about the belugas. It took about 10 minutes of me saying “Hi, whale. Bye bye, whale.” everytime they swam by, and eventually Little Ms. Narcissistic figured out that they weren’t out to eat her.

Breakthrough of the day: she actually sat on a bench and ate her snack while watching the whales glide past.

Illuminated bubbles.

Last Friday we hosted a small Mommy Group playdate in the backyard! It was a beautiful sunny day. There was lots of space for the kids to play and very little opportunity for them to hurt themselves, so the Mommies got to sit on the patio and be a little more hands-off than usual. It was lovely.

Due to my current physique and energy level, I’ve given up any hope of having a garden this year. So we have a lovely big patch of dirt that is terribly fun to get dirty in. Aili loves shovelling dirt into a bucket. But Sophie gets out the heavy machinery:

Cuddles all round!

And a kiss for good measure…

The girls enjoying a mid-morning snack.

I think they enjoyed the feeling of being grown-up and independent!

Yesterday our dear friends Alexa and Sean and of course Mr. Charlie came by for brunch. This would be a fantastic family photo if it wasn’t for that weird Asian kid in there. But still cute nonetheless!

In the last week or so I feel like there have been big changes in my poor pregnant body. I’ve had a couple people comment that I look like I’ve ‘dropped’, but I’m not sure if that’s because I really have or because my poor tired stomach muscles can no longer hold up all this weight and all this belly is simply drooping. My back and hips are increasingly complaining about the work they have to do, and I struggle to walk or stand for more than a few minutes.
35 weeks today. After 37 weeks we’re considered ‘full term’ and then I will begin sneaking into peoples’ yards to jump on their trampolines. My midwife said that it doesn’t look like he is the world’s biggest baby, but that I have lots of amniotic fluid. That’s good for the baby, but makes my belly bigger, more taut, and less comfortable.
The baby room is well on its way, we’re 90% sure of a name and 99% sure about our circumcision decision. I just need to figure out a dresser/organization system of some sort, so I can get everything ready. The time is coming up fast!