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What I Woke Up To Yesterday May 5, 2009

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Yesterday Aili slept in late… or so I thought. Finally I went to peek in on her after 9am, only to find that she’d been busy for quite some time.
THIS is what I found:

(Photoshopped for modesty, for obvious reasons.)

Yup, that is 100% completely and entirely NAKED. Oh, I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was the best way ever to start a Monday.
She’s been really into zippers lately, but never before has she figured out how to: (1) unzip her sleep sac completely; (2) undo all the buttons on her sleeper; (3) get her arms out of sleeves – not to mention two sets of sleeves! and (4) undo and remove her diaper.

Doesn’t she look proud of herself?


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