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Another Web Address June 26, 2009

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There’s now another way to find us!

Aili and Tomio came from the same place, and now… they’ll take you to the same place.
You can now find us at:

Our expectation is that when our children fulfill their destinies of becoming internet addicts – probably at the tender age of four – they will have their own personal web addresses so they can design their own websites. With parents like us, it’s inevitable!


Welcome Baby Boy Oshika! June 21, 2009

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We’re delighted to announce the much anticipated arrival of the newest member of our family. Joining Angie, Johnny, Aili, Leo, and Blu is Tomio Phelan Oshika (sounds like ‘Romeo’ with a T), born June 10th, 2009 at 4:18am. The labour was unexpectedly quick and the baby unexpectedly big, weighing in at 9lbs, 9oz (a full pound and a half more than his sister) and 22″ long!

To illustrate what we mean by ‘unexpectedly quick’, the timeline of events went as follows:
– 3.10am Angie wakes up for a pee break.
– 3.20am After three rapid-succession contractions, Angie wakes Johnny.
– 3:40am Johnny’s mom is called to come over.
– 3:47am The midwife is advised that we need to leave for the hospital… we can’t wait any longer!
– 3:50am Johnny runs up the street to wake a neighbour to housesit until Johnny’s mom arrives. Angie’s racket can be heard up and down Grover Ave.
– 3.58am Departure for the hospital. The drive involved high speed and running red lights.
– 4.06am Check-in at the hospital.
– 4.10am Arrival at the delivery room; Angie’s water breaks, covering the room with a tidal wave.
– 4.15am Arrival of the midwife.
– 4.18am Someone new enters the room.

Yes, that is a sum total of just over one hour, from first contractions to welcoming a new life!
This birth was much easier on Angie, and she’s tired but physically much stronger than after Aili’s delivery. She’s also delighted to report both the recuperation and breastfeeding appear to be much easier the second time around.

We’re now home, juggling the demands of a newborn with the demands of a toddler, and figuring out our new family dynamic. Angie’s sister J visited from Toronto for 10 days; her help with Aili and during the birth were absolutely invaluable. Thank you also to all of our friends who have been so supportive in the past days and months, and for your good wishes and kind words.

We look forward to introducing you to Tomi soon!
I promise to blog more details and photos in the coming days.

Bringing Tomi home from the hospital! Big sister Aili helps out by rocking the infant car seat.

Milk drunk and hoping to burp…

Chillin’ in the swing (aka Mommy’s lifesaver!)…

… and Daddy’s buddy in the bjorn. (Thank you again Aunt Donna, Uncle Mo, Uncle Tim, Aunt Angy, and Aunt Rosie for this wonderful carrier; Tomi loves it!)

Cuddles from the big sis.


Wild Times… June 4, 2009

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… in a cardboard box.

We don’t have a lot of toys, especially plastic battery-operated ones. But Aili doesn’t seem to miss them! Current favourite activities: playing with shoes (trying to get them on and off, putting them on and off her stuffed animals, wearing our shoes, putting shoes on me, etc), figuring out how to put the lids on tupperware and sippy cups, and…. cardboard boxes.


One and a Half June 1, 2009

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I can’t believe that Aili is already one and a half! Where does the time go? Johnny and I marvel at how fast she’s grown, and all the changes we see. Day by day she’s losing the baby fat and the baby mentality, and becoming a ‘kid’. Even her wrists and ankles are thinning out! I think we might have recently had a bit of a growth spurt, because all of a sudden her old pants are too short. I was stunned the other day when I tried on a size 2T dress, and it fit perfectly! When did my little tiny Asian flower become a 2T???

We’re seeing more shows of independence and the occasional temper tantrum. They are definitely exacerbated when she’s tired, or especially when she’s hungry. So far we haven’t experienced the complete meltdown in the mall or the grocery store… yet. I know it’s just a matter of time, and am NOT looking forward to the experience. Hopefully she’ll wait until when I’m not pregnant, because I’m not sure I could haul her out under my arm screaming and kicking in my current state!

Her language is coming along well too. Her pronunciation isn’t great (what 18-month-old’s is?), and I suspect anyone other than Johnny and I would need a translator for much of what she has to say. But we understand her clearly, and are amazed at how quickly she adds new words to her vocabulary. She also is becoming increasingly vocal, with more and more babble, and lots of shrieks, squeals, and at really high-energy moments, screaming with delight.

Aili is shorter than her friends, and still a lightweight in the size department. At her 18-month weigh in she came in at 22lbs 5oz, which is 21st percentile for weight. (The last few months she’s been around 22nd percentile, so she’s holding steady.) We also had her 18-month shots, which she weathered without a whimper. The nurse said that the two shots sting quite a lot, and that she wished all 18-month-olds were so good! That’s my girl….

We recently bought a double stroller (Hello, Joovy Caboose Ultralight!). It’s a sit-n-stand, which means that there is a traditional seat in the front, and a small jumpseat and platform in the back. The toddler can sit or stand in the back – or walk, if they choose – and the baby can sit in the front. It also has an attachment to hold an infant car seat.
Aili LOOOOOVES the new stroller. There are so many options for her!

I love the weekends because we get to spend time together as a family. It’s especially nice because I am now struggling to walk for any distance or participate in playing at the playground. We get to have our family outings – in this case to Port Moody’s lovely Rocky Point Park – but Daddy parks me at a bench and monitors playground antics …

…. and coddles her through the terrors of the spray park. Yes, she’s afraid of the spray park.
*Insert eyeroll here.*

When Daddy’s at work Aili and I hang out together all day. Here we are sharing a bowl of cereal together, at the counter.

While our house is small and old, and our neighbourhood isn’t the greatest, we happen to have gotten lucky and live on an absolutely fantastic dead-end street. There are lots of kids, and lots of stay-at-home parents.
Here we are with some of the local gang: Annabelle (3.5) and Zoey (16 mos) are the blondies from next door, and Terry (4) and Mona (6) live across the street.

This evening we looked out the window and the cat was acting, well, weird. Peculiar place to stop for a lie-down, no?

We’re now a week away from my official due date. I’m enormous (as you can see from the picture above) and really quite uncomfortable. I have difficulty walking for any distance, or even standing for more than a minute or two. Baby appears to be active and healthy, and despite my gigantic size, it looks like he’s aiming for about 8 pounds, according to my midwife. Apparently I have a lot of fluid, which makes me more uncomfortable, but is good for the baby.
My sister is coming to visit on Friday, so hang out with Aili and – assuming baby stays put – be a labour support person. I really hope this kid stays where he is until she arrives! This week is going to be a race to see who gets here first.
I’ll do what I can to keep you posted, as soon as we have any news. Wish us luck!


Playdate at Jacquie and Sophie’s

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Last week Mommy Group went to Jacquie and Sophie’s house for an outdoor playdate. It was spectacularly warm and sunny, and their yard is equally spectacular!

AND they have a great playhouse.

While the kids played, the mommies enjoyed pink lemonade under the umbrella.
Does life get any better?

Her first ever ice cream cone. In toddler size, of course.



Mommy Group Picnic

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A couple weeks ago Mommy Group went for a picnic at Coquitlam City Centre Park. It’s a lovely park, with a great playground and spray park. There are lots of fields for playing, great walking parks, and lots of parking. We highly recommend City Centre Park!

Flower collector. She loves flowers and points them out all the time. She can’t quite pronounce ‘flower’ yet, so it comes out as ‘wawa’.

Who needs a big new playground and a spray park when you can have… a box of raisins?

Aili has become quite the fan of raisins.


BBQ at Bunzen Lake

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We were recently invited to a lovely BBQ picnic at Bunzen Lake.
Aili was afraid of the lake, but she did like to identify the boats. She also made friends with Kai:

We were unprepared and didn’t bring shovels and buckets, but everyone got a spoon and a cup so we could make semi-sandcastles.

Aili has never tried this before, but Kai decided to see what happened if he mistook Leo for a horse. To his great credit, Leo didn’t flinch.

At first glance this appears to be photo of completely random strangers enjoy their own beach picnic. Until you look to the far left, and observe Little Ms. Stroller Thief at work.
They hadn’t even noticed, and she was foiled only by the wheels’ reluctance to roll in sand.