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BBQ at Bunzen Lake June 1, 2009

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We were recently invited to a lovely BBQ picnic at Bunzen Lake.
Aili was afraid of the lake, but she did like to identify the boats. She also made friends with Kai:

We were unprepared and didn’t bring shovels and buckets, but everyone got a spoon and a cup so we could make semi-sandcastles.

Aili has never tried this before, but Kai decided to see what happened if he mistook Leo for a horse. To his great credit, Leo didn’t flinch.

At first glance this appears to be photo of completely random strangers enjoy their own beach picnic. Until you look to the far left, and observe Little Ms. Stroller Thief at work.
They hadn’t even noticed, and she was foiled only by the wheels’ reluctance to roll in sand.


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