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Welcome Baby Boy Oshika! June 21, 2009

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We’re delighted to announce the much anticipated arrival of the newest member of our family. Joining Angie, Johnny, Aili, Leo, and Blu is Tomio Phelan Oshika (sounds like ‘Romeo’ with a T), born June 10th, 2009 at 4:18am. The labour was unexpectedly quick and the baby unexpectedly big, weighing in at 9lbs, 9oz (a full pound and a half more than his sister) and 22″ long!

To illustrate what we mean by ‘unexpectedly quick’, the timeline of events went as follows:
– 3.10am Angie wakes up for a pee break.
– 3.20am After three rapid-succession contractions, Angie wakes Johnny.
– 3:40am Johnny’s mom is called to come over.
– 3:47am The midwife is advised that we need to leave for the hospital… we can’t wait any longer!
– 3:50am Johnny runs up the street to wake a neighbour to housesit until Johnny’s mom arrives. Angie’s racket can be heard up and down Grover Ave.
– 3.58am Departure for the hospital. The drive involved high speed and running red lights.
– 4.06am Check-in at the hospital.
– 4.10am Arrival at the delivery room; Angie’s water breaks, covering the room with a tidal wave.
– 4.15am Arrival of the midwife.
– 4.18am Someone new enters the room.

Yes, that is a sum total of just over one hour, from first contractions to welcoming a new life!
This birth was much easier on Angie, and she’s tired but physically much stronger than after Aili’s delivery. She’s also delighted to report both the recuperation and breastfeeding appear to be much easier the second time around.

We’re now home, juggling the demands of a newborn with the demands of a toddler, and figuring out our new family dynamic. Angie’s sister J visited from Toronto for 10 days; her help with Aili and during the birth were absolutely invaluable. Thank you also to all of our friends who have been so supportive in the past days and months, and for your good wishes and kind words.

We look forward to introducing you to Tomi soon!
I promise to blog more details and photos in the coming days.

Bringing Tomi home from the hospital! Big sister Aili helps out by rocking the infant car seat.

Milk drunk and hoping to burp…

Chillin’ in the swing (aka Mommy’s lifesaver!)…

… and Daddy’s buddy in the bjorn. (Thank you again Aunt Donna, Uncle Mo, Uncle Tim, Aunt Angy, and Aunt Rosie for this wonderful carrier; Tomi loves it!)

Cuddles from the big sis.


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