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In Cahoots. July 9, 2009

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Well, the siblings seem to be getting along famously. They’re already in cahoots!
Aili is talking up a storm, but as with nearly all toddlers, her pronunciation is pretty well incomprehensible to anyone other than Johnny and I (and frequently to us as well). She often comes to us to tell us when the baby is crying, and she seems quite concerned about him. As I mentioned in my previous post, Tomi is quite the eater, and is VERY committed to mealtime. When he wants his lunch, everyone in the house knows about it.

Aili can’t pronounce ‘crying’ properly, however, and when she comes over to tell us that Tomi’s upset it comes out as ‘Baby Dying’!!

Now, as you’ve seen, Tomi is in no danger of wasting away, but he certainly seems to think he’s dying if lunch is two minutes late. We figure he’s found some way to get her to tell us that he’s dying, so we’ll serve up lunch sooner. They are already scheming together!


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