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One Month. (Already?) July 12, 2009

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I thought I was an experienced enough parent that I couldn’t be so taken by surprise by how fast the time goes. But our Tomi is already a MONTH old! (Actually, he was one month old yesterday, but c’mon, give a Mommy a bit of wiggle room here.)

I can’t believe how quickly this month has passed; probably mostly because I’ve spent the majority of it in some sort of a fatigue-induced fugue state. Tomi is a fairly easy baby. Johnny rolls his eyes when I say this, but it’s true. He’s quite easy to figure out, and he doesn’t cry for long bouts for no reason like Aili did. (We figured out after the fact that she was probably a colicky baby, but we didn’t put two and two together at the time…) Tomi is almost always settled by nursing or by … well, let’s say he has some challenges with ‘wind’. Hopefully he figures out how to work the sphincters in his lower digestive tract sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, while he is almost always settled by these things, he almost always wants to DO them too, which leads to one tired mommy sleeping sitting up while holding one fat gassy baby. (At one month, our little sumo is tipping the scales at around 12lbs, 10oz. Which is what Aili weighed at THREE months!)

In the past few days I’ve started to understand some things about our Chubs. All that nursing is not entirely because he’s hungry, it’s partly because all that sucking puts him to sleep. When he can’t nurse, he gets fussy because he’s tired and because he can’t figure out how to sleep without it! Also, because I’m busy with Aili in the mornings, he doesn’t get to nurse as much, so he’s restless, a bit squawky, and barely sleeps. Finally in the afternoons, once Aili is down for her nap, I can focus on him (read: give him uninterrupted access to his ‘sleep aids’) and he can finally sleep for several hours.

Soooo…. sleep training has begun. We are working again with our sleep consultant, Dawnn. Snicker if you will, but we agree that working with her has been fantastic and worth every penny. I probably would have been committed to an institution without her last time round (ask Johnny, he’ll verify). And for more than a year Aili has been an enviably fantastic sleeper, but more importantly, she has the foundation of a healthy relationship wtih sleep that will be with her for the rest of her life. There are two parts to the sleep training: first, teaching baby how to get to sleep on their own (‘self-soothe’); and then to space out, reduce, and eliminate feeds to teach them to sleep through the night or for naps.
So yesterday Johnny took Aili to sleep at his mom’s place, and Mr. Tubs and I spent the night introducing him to his crib. He was NOT a fan, but fortunately he can do nothing more than complain, and I have earplugs and know how to use ’em. Johnny and I agree that we think he’ll be easier (and less stubborn) than his big sister, and that the training will go even more smoothly this time. So far, it’s all going very well, and I am typing this in the quiet and blessed silence of two small children sleeping peacefully in their own cribs.

And with that, I’m off. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in my bed without sharing it with a loudly snoring baby. I regret that this is yet another posting without pics. I promise to get on them soon.
Just think of a sumo wrestler, and you’ve got the jist.


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