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Sleep, Baby, Sleep July 14, 2009

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In honour of his one-month birthday, we decided to sleep train Tomi.

Sleep training, as I’ve explained before, is in two parts: first, teaching the baby to sleep in their own room, and to be able to soothe himself to sleep. The second part is spacing and reducing the night feeds until they are going all the way through the night without needing to nurse. I’ve been asked if he’s too young to do sleep training, but our sleep consultant Dawnn says that it’s partly based on weight and weight gain (something we clearly don’t have a problem with) and that earlier is actually better. It makes sense to me that the younger they are, the fewer habits they’ve formed and grown attached to that you have to break.
So far we’ve been working on the self-soothing and crib-sleeping part, and it’s been going marvellously well – although Tomi may not agree. He probably thinks this is a serious life demotion, being forced to suck on his hand instead of a nipple, sleep on his back, and not occupy 71% of his parents’ bed. I have little sympathy. So little, in fact, that I do a little mental dance every time I walk past his closed bedroom door and hear that blessed silence. Not only do Johnny and I have our bed back, but I’m getting more (better quality) sleep, and am in much better spirits. Hurrah!

Because we’re also doing the sleep training at naptime, I’m trying to stick around home this week so Tomi can practice sleeping in his crib. So today was an all-jammie day. We folded laundry, gave the baby a bath, and played upstairs in the loft. (This is something I haven’t been able to do in months, and it was deliciously fun to cuddle, chase, tickle, and roll around with Aili on the floor. SO glad to not be pregnant anymore!)

Without further ado, here are a bunch of pics, as promised!

Right now we are experiencing a serious button fetish. Remote controls, the microwave, the dishwasher, computers, and … keyboards. This is an extra that Johnny gave her to do some keyboarding practice.

Tummy time for Tomi. (Say that ten times fast!)
It must really suck to not be able to lift your own head. Weirdly, Tomi can roll over from front to back; he did it for the first time when he was two weeks old. Usually this milestone is expected to happen around 2-3 months. I suspect it has something to do with his fatness resulting in a cylindrical body shape, so he just rolls around like a tube. Laugh if you will, but although that sleeper is a bit long in the legs, it fits just fine around the middle. It’s a size 6-month sleeper.

“This indignity might be all worth it if I can find a nipple on this playmat…”

Little Ms. Helpful trying to show him how to hold a toy.

Just after rolling over.

“Hm. I think I might be hungry again. It’s been 17 minutes since I last ate, after all. Maybe I’ll have a snack. Now if I can just find a nipple around here somewhere….”

“Hey, there’s a bug hanging from the sky! Maybe IT has nipples.”

“Crap. Bugs aren’t mammals.”

“Doesn’t ANYTHING around here have a nipple???”

“Poor me. I have to sleep in a crib AND they’re starving me?”

“Maybe someone will take pity on me if I look really sad and pathetic….”

“… or if I give the photographer the evil eye…”

“Look deep into my eyes and unbutton your shirt…”

“Sigh. Woe is me. I’m pretty sure I’m wasting away.”

(Asian eyes.)

Meanwhile, keyboarding practice continues. On her throne.

So THIS is why none of the clocks in the house are on time!

Back to the drama on the playmat: “Please please please nice food lady? Please can I have just a little snack?”

“Hey, maybe my arm has a nipple on it.”

“Sigh, stuck with sucking on my hand again. This is a cruel cruel world.”

“You’re telling me, brother.”


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