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Powell Street Festival August 2, 2009

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Today we went to check out the Powell Street Festival. It’s an annual celebration of Japanese culture, with dancing, food, crafts, and activities. Seeing as how our kids have Japanese names, Japanese citizenship, and Japanese heritage, we’ll encourage them to be engaged with the culture as much as possible.
I dressed Aili in a ‘happi’ coat for the event. She was so cute that strangers were asking me if they could take pictures of her!

Unfortunately we didn’t get many good pictures, but here are a few that are ok:

“Up peez.” Afraid of the taiko drums.

Proud papa!

Aili has a great fondness for balloons. For some reason she calls them ‘boont’.
This is a Japanese kid’s game where you ‘fish’ for a balloon yoyo. She saw someone else carrying around a ‘boont’, so we had to go and get one for ourselves.

Love at first taste. We had trouble prying the slurpee out of her hands.


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