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Summer Days Go By August 2, 2009

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The summer days pass by so quickly! Even though Tomi is still so young, we’re doing great. We’re finding the equilibrium of our new family structure much faster than we did when Aili joined us. Tomi is very easygoing, which makes it all the easier to haul him around. Plus, as more experienced parents, we’re more relaxed about things.

Recently we graduated from our midwife, Tracy. She has provided wonderful care for us through two pregnancies, and we recommend her highly. We won’t be going back to her again, though, because two is enough. No more babies for us!

The summer days lend themselves to pool parties and picnics!
Here are Aili and Tallan sharing naked lunch:

And Aili and Logan having a splish splash in the pool:

Little Ms. Chicken is afraid of the garbage truck…

…. but apparently not so afraid of the jar of highlighters that lives on Daddy’s desk!

Here are Tomi and his new friend Noah. They had the same due date, but Noah was born 8 days earlier. What on earth do babies find so fascinating about the ceiling??

“Hey, are you making fun of us?”

Here’s our handsome boy hangin’ out on the ottoman with Katie the Kitty. Aili is very generous with her favourite toys.

Hot weather and watermelon are the perfect pair.
Here is another perfect pair enjoying some juicy watermelon!


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