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What We Did This Summer September 5, 2009

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Where have the weeks gone? Suddenly it’s Labour Day long weekend, the rains have returned, and I have an urge to purge the tank tops from Aili’s closet to make space for her autumn wear. The days just fly by, and the kids are growing and changing too quickly to measure.

So what HAVE we done this summer?
Well, we went to a party and had lots of watermelon:

We went to the beach and Daddy built a sand castle!

Aili, however, was afraid to touch the sand. (HOW ON EARTH DID WE PRODUCE SUCH A TIMID CHILD???)

By the end of our visit to the beach she did in fact play with it a little bit, but she wouldn’t let it touch her feet.

We went to Maplewood Farms with Mommy Group!

For some reason, Aili is afraid of sand, but not of bunnies:

And when Mommy touches the baby goat first, then she isn’t afraid of goats either:

We went to the playground with the neighbours, who aren’t afraid of anything. Go Zoey Go!!

And now… Go, Aili, Go!!!

Tomi went on the slide too:

He was so delighted by this that he fell asleep and slobbered all over Daddy:

So Daddy took him on the big slide, just to see what he would do. (Answer = slobber more.)

We even took a short but lovely trip down to Tacoma to see our cousins. Not only are they fun, but it’s a real vacation: tv, chips, and a red balloon! Wait 15 years and this photo will include pedicures, hair dying, and gossip about boys.

Speaking of the junk food we never get to eat when we’re at home, Aili got her first taste of chocolate milk. She downed it, without coming up for air even once, until it was gone gone gone.

Cousin Sophie was much more ladylike about the whole chocolate milk affair.

And Tomi fell in love….

… twice.

It’s been a great summer!


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