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A PNE Day September 6, 2009

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As we do every year, we ended the summer with a trip to the PNE! The PNE is always fun, but everything has an extra degree of delight when you get to see it through the eyes of a child.

First stop: the petting zoo. “Big ‘orse.”

Stopping for a quick drink.

We played the game where you throw darts at balloons to get a prize, but for our little balloonophile, the balloon WAS the prize!

What’s a trip to the PNE without a little junk food? Here’s an unusual treat: french fries and ketchup!


“Daddee eat it.”

Upward and onward…….

Well, not literally upward. We offered her to try one of the simple, easy kid rides, but her response was a very unequivocal NO. She was pretty overwhelmed by the environment.

But she loved running around among all the people and watching the games in action. Johnny will have to wait a little while till Tomi’s old enough to go on the rides, I think.

And where WAS Tomi while we were cavorting, you ask? Why he was at home, being babysat by Grandpa!


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