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Sleepers September 6, 2009

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Thanks to our sleep consultant Dawnn, Tomi is becoming the loveliest little sleeper, just like his big sis. These days he’s sleeping 12 hours through the night, with one ‘dream feed’ just before I go to bed.

My question is, however: how on earth did he manage to turn himself 90 degrees?

Speaking of the big sis, she’s a pretty darn good sleeper herself.
We’ve often wondered, however, why there’s so much racket during the night. You see, one side of her crib slides up and down, and it rattles slightly within its tracks. So we figure that if she happens to bump it, it makes sense that there would be some noise involved. But we hear it rattling a LOT, and couldn’t figure out why.
I’ve got it figured out now:

Yup, she sleeps with her face AGAINST THE BARS. So everytime she moves, the crib rattles!
Crazy kid.


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