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Random Photos from the Last Month October 16, 2009

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The first thing most people say when they see Tomi is:
“Look at ALL THAT HAIR!!”.

Yes, look at it. All that hair, indeed.

Tomi’s Tummy Time is no longer torture. He’s getting much better at holding his head up, and can verrrry sloowwwwwllly roll himself from tummy to back. He can also roll back to front when encouraged, but has never done it without my active involvement.

Photos of Aili often turn out like this lately: blurry.
She’s on the move, that kid.

I am stunned by how much she looks like a big girl in some photos. When did she stop being a baby???

A cupcake for my cupcake. We still struggle with getting her to eat, although we’ve had some good days lately. We never know if today is going to be a day that she’s going to eat. For some reason she’ll eat when other kids are around. On Tuesdays she’ll eat for ‘Mama Jen’, her daycare lady, and on Fridays she CLEANS UP at Mommy Group.
Our family doc sent us to a pediatrician because he was worried about her low weight gain, but apparently she’s perfectly healthy. We just have to try to find ways to pack fat and protein into her. Lots of cheese, lots of peanut butter, lots of cream cheese, lots of butter. Sounds like heaven to me!

Pretty girl.

This is the last time he was able to wear this cute little blue sleeper. (Thank you Auntie Linda in Red Deer!) Who’d have guessed that a three-month-old would grow out of a size 6-month sleeper?? He’s now in 9-month clothes, and is rapidly moving towards 12-month clothes. At his 4-month weigh-in he was 17lbs, 11oz. Aili didn’t hit that weight until she was 8 months old.

Smiling in the bumbo.
I’ve already noticed that Tomi is not only much larger than Aili was at the same age, but he’s physically stronger and more active. He is easily strong enough to sit on his own (but lacks the balance), and when on his tummy he can get up onto his knees and try to kick himself forward. His arms aren’t strong enough to hold the front half of him up yet, so it’s all in vain.

We have also recently begun the ‘perpetual drool’ phase, accompanied by some bizarre urge to cram everything into his mouth. I had forgotten about how wet the first year is.


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