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Last Few Months’ Worth of Shots in Johnny’s Camera October 17, 2009

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A hodgepodge of various shots from the past few months.

Getting stronger!

A new friend. Johnny’s friend from high school, Jeff, now lives in Japan and married a lovely Japanese woman named Yasuyo. We had the privilege of attending their wedding a few years ago. They were recently in town, and their little girl Karina is only 4 months older than Aili!
What a surprise it was to meet her – – our half-Asian kids are dark in features, but as you can see, Karina is a Japanese-looking, Japanese-speaking beauty with brilliantly blond hair!
I can only imagine how she must stand out in Japan.

Aili and I playing in her new ‘house’. Johnny’s now moved his office from the loft to the coat closet downstairs. Poor guy! But now the entire upstairs room is dedicated to playtime, and as a home for kiddie toys (in some futile hope that we can keep the rest of the house for grown-ups).

Tomi is the Bumbo. That Bumbo has been used by a whole lotta bums. I love to see these things be re-used! Someone suggested that I write on the bottom the name of all the bottoms that have been in there (“Aili sat here”; “Charlie sat here”; “Zoey sat here” etc). I might just do that!
Tomi has the most expressive eyebrows. His facial expressions are priceless!

Ahhh – – – the smile. You should hear his little laugh; he sounds like a dog squeak toy.

When he was about 3 months old we looked down one day, and his eyelashes were about 2cm longer. All of a sudden. (Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to his eyebrows too!)

We agree that Tomi is the more ‘caucasian-looking’ of our children, but sometimes you look at him in just the right way, and he looks very Asian indeed!

Can I just point out that I am NOT responsible for the shoe selection for this outfit?

Summer playtime.

Little Ms. Purty.

“This is WAAAY better than a sleep sac and a crib! Can’t I sleep in here with you? Puhleeeeze?”
(Answer: No. Under no circumstances.)

This is the usual mode of getting around these days: full tilt run.

In a moment of optimism, we took the kids to a restaurant. In public. In the daytime.
To our enormous surprise, it was a complete success! Except that Aili wouldn’t eat anything, but that’s pretty standard. There was no screaming, no tantrums, no food throwing, and a marvelous time was had by all.

Ahhh…. the foam. I had forgotten how WET the first year is. I cannot believe he doesn’t become dehydrated, what with all the drool that comes out of that kid.


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