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HALLOWEEN!!! November 12, 2009

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Johnny and I agreed that we haven’t had so much fun at Halloween since we were twelve! Of course Tomi didn’t have a clue, and Aili continues to be pretty much in the dark, but after we got past the initial costume battle, she started to really get into it.

My delicate Asian flower:

A sulky (& FAT!) little clown. His ‘infant size large’ costume was actually a bit too small.

Happy clown:

Surprised clown:

Clown with tongue:

All dressed up and ready to go!

Trick or treating with the neighbours:

At first she didn’t know what she was collecting. But after a few houses she started to get really into opening up her bag, collecting her ‘treat’, and saying ‘Tankyu!’

It was only once we got home that we let in on the secret of what she was really collecting.

This is not her first bite of chocolate, but pretty darn close.


Manna from heaven – from another angle.

“More trickortrickortreat?”

Tired out by the excitement of the night…


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